Tuesday, November 1, 2016

uncanny valley

Walking with you
At the mouth of that valley
Where you grew up and we had lived and loved
At the top and in the middle
A bus was coming I said: let's take that one
You said: or not
I started railing about why it was the right bus
Your calm retort: but it's not _my_ bus
You said: I want to go home to Jenny
And it was so right and reasonable
I wanted you to go home to Jenny too

We make and leave so many things so many places 
Some wait for us, I think that's why we visit in dreams

Thursday, February 4, 2016


if we weren't curled up

in each others arms here

the light from the nearest star

would still be caught 

and cut

and split into a thousand plum sized rainbows

and scattered haphazardly against walls and floor

and flesh

by the tear drop crystal prisms dangling in our window

but nobody in the universe

would know