Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week One - The Apatheticist Manifesto

I originally started this blag so I could vent about the 2008 NZ election. In the end I procrastinated until election eve. That's apathy for you. My deepest insight: the NZ election was going to be a giant suckfest & I didn't want any of the idiots involved to be in a job at the end of it. I figure if I was looking for applicants for 120+ positions that had astronomical salaries and benefits attached (some of which are tenured for life!) and this was the crop of applications I would say "Fuck it!" and readvertise. Or hire some decent recruitment consultants.

It's p
robably a bit late now to rally a few million behind that banner so instead this blag is to be a brain dump of writing ideas and general insights. Some of these may still be political. Actually, most of them will. I am getting a really early start on the 2011 election.

Because of course - a satirical and insightful and thought provoking political commentary blag shouldn't END with an election but rather it should start with one...

SO now I have a week to get caught up on.

Talking points for this week:

I wanted them ALL out. I'll settle for NZ First and Winston Peters in the first round, but we need to do better next time.

John Key gave his acceptance speech in perfect duckspeak target="_blank". For fifteen minutes he said nothing that wasn't meaningless ideological sloganism. He imparted no new content beyond what was said in the campaign. And what was said in the entire campaign? NOTHING

The Labour Party has LOST the PLOT - out with the old, in with the old also. What a mavellous opportunity to regroup around some young fresh energetic faces. Squandered. Or else the young and fresh reserves are being cunningly held back so that they don't get all old and haggard before the next election. The old bait and switch. One may want to believe that they are being that cunning, but wanting something doesn't necesarily make it so.

Like I have said, I didn't really care for any of the options we had. My official position - this was a classic Turd Sandwich and Giant Douche line up. But I am not sure that what was needed was change for change's sake. Do you know, people actually called 111 on election night, and were referred to support and suicide helplines. People who were poor as fuck and shit scared the last time National was in power are scared that they are going to end up in the same position. You know the feeling you get when you sense the first symptoms of some terrible shitty illness or a migraine that you have had before, and you break a cold sweat at the fear of becoming that sick again? That's what these people are feeling.

National have declared themselves to be the party of change, and to be a changed party. Let's hope so.

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