Friday, December 19, 2008

10 word movie review

Scrooged (1988) starring Bill Murray
Timeless classic revisioned, not dated yet. Worth rewatching every Christmas.

UNlike all my recent posts, this is a response to the One Minute Writer prompt of the day...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Respoding to today's One Minute Writer prompt: Reality TV

I already am the star contestant of a great big reality show. At the moment there are about 8 billion contestants, but I expect some major twists in this series (unexpected tribal merges, maybe a comet, a volcano, or some global thermonuclear event) to really narrow the field. But if I got selected for Survivor or some other non-singing type show in the meantime, I think that would make a really interesting side-plot.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

But one was a raisin...

Responding to today's One Minute Writer prompt: Yuck

Raisins. Raisins are like grapes that died and didn't get buried. If you were eating a handful of raisins but one of them was actually a dead fly , how would you know? As far as I'm concerned, if I was eating a handful of dead flies, but one was a raisin... that would just be gross! And as bad as they are on their own, they are even worse when used to defile something that was perfectly good before, like a curry, or chocolate.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Responding to today's One Minute Writer prompt: Eating

I start snacking in the small hours of the night as I pitch and toss in an insomniacal daze, trying to solve the problems of the previous day and the following year. I breakfast on every task and minor distraction that comes up when in place of the important jobs (packing lunches, organising clothes, going to work, being at work, coming home) that I need to achieve during the day. When I get home I feast on the detritus of television shows, video games, online auctions and social networking sites until the early hours of the following day. I am a tempivore. I consume time.