Friday, March 27, 2009

Math is hard

Responsding to another One: Math and Science

Three words: Use Dependent Organisation. Your brain will do what you train it to do, and right now that is not what young American brains are being trained to do. I think some of the apologists above have got it half right - there will be a range of achievement, from poor to excellent, no matter what the approach. But many are fundamentally wrong in the belief, expressed in a variety of ways, that education is somehow too inclusive. Do you think the other countries are ahead because they are excluding the middle and bottom achievers? I doubt it - their middle and bottom achievers are simply outperforming the American elite. Who has got it right above? The people who have said, in a variety of ways, that math and science are undervalued. By the system, by society as a whole. That might be more than 60 seconds (and three words!), and I learned my math outside America, so I have no excuse.

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