Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Certainties

My big hope is that the celebration of life will be the next phase of human awareness. After postmodernity comes premortality. (I got the pre part from my wife - arguably it’s the bulk of the idea anyway). Of course there’s genes and evolution, and reproduction, but not of consciousness and awareness, and as we grow ever more secular and sophisticated and stop hanging on to our hankerings after personal immortality, we will realise in our arts, and sciences, and commerce, and relationships, and all other areas of human endeavour, that we are each of us living always in a (very subjective) state of “NOT DEAD YET”-ness. I believe that a wholesale, global, intelligent, emotional, stable, sound understanding of the fact and finality of that would make everybody altogether much nicer to be around.

I would first like to divert my entire contribution to my own student loan, and then my wife's. That would change a 25+ year repayment plan to about a 4 year plan. Then for the rest of my working life it could be evenly split between education and healthcare for my kids. I don't need retirement savings - when I can't chew my own blubber I want to be put out on an ice floe.

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