Monday, May 18, 2009

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Of course, you'll have to go here to read the questions.

@silver star: Hercules never overtakes the tortoise.
@cagrowngirl: Yes. And hypothetically, if not, I would move it a little to the left
@Mz.Starra: Tell that to Elmer Fudd.
@Princess MAR: Jack Bauer. He gets a lot done in one day.
@jblack designs: There are a number of elephants inside every tootsies roll pop.
@AVR: When I get back from claiming the Spanish National Lottery I will check out your blog.
@Flowersilky: Inboxes are Spam’s natural habitat.
@Dan Felstead: What profit a man if he sends the whole world an email, but loses his ISP?
@Patsy: You’re just looking for a quick fix.
@Faith: Travis. To remind neighbours to keep their noses out of my business (too soon?)
@TawanaB: How are you people getting past the word verification?
@Roderckdhu: No you hang up, pookie bear.
@septembermom: Because they are delicious.
@BlueEyedWonder: Men love to make decisions. We just hate having to guess which one is the right decision. Here’s an experiment: if you put your man up to making a decision, go with it, enthusiastically and encouragingly every time. You’ll see him very quickly develop a taste for it.
@Ryan Ashley Scott: Because they don’t want to be asked “Where should we eat?”
@Anonymous: ...most publishers prefer a named author.
@brianawr[b]ites: Pornanoia.
@cagrowngirl: And everyone would be shocked, shocked!, after 15 years when Princess mauled your neighbour.
@beckiwithani: Teenage boys don’t think about food. They move through the biosphere like baleen whales and if their maw gets filled then so be it.
@An Open Book: I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit. Wait...
@pink and shimmer(r): If you lose blood from the other parts of your body for five days, you die.
@A Girl Named Me: The first part.
@2cats: The white returns to the clouds. The green gets soaked up into old sailors tattoos.
@Abigail Carter: Because I’m too lazy to write for the other 1439 minutes most days.
@Marc: Dogs also eat faeces. I wonder what kind of joy they want to share with us there.
@Insegredious: Because it was only $1 extra, which is actually cheaper than any two fixins
@patagoniantruthfish: Because you are AWESOME.

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