Friday, July 16, 2010

What's Wrong With

Dunedin weather
Hailstones battle their conscience
To become snowflakes

Dunedin Ice Stadium, formerly just Dunedin Stadium. They turned the heaters off.


There is a silence that pervades a Philosophy seminar room before a lecture begins. Normal people have at least some friends to talk to. People who progress to fourth year philosophy seem to do it… alone.

The Artists Wank and every other NLP FITH-Syndrome POS self-help-fuckery out there:

Violence begets violence, crap begets crap. It’s the actualisation of aggression.
You can’t “do extra poo” every morning in order to have less shit in your life overall.
You can’t give your pimples a fucken’ good squeeze in the hope that they don’t come back.
Your mind will behave the way you train it to: do you want to “actualise” negative crap for a compulsory part of every day, forever?
It’s the thin edge of the Christian wedge.
“Okay, so you don’t have to call it God, just pray to it, every day, like we do…”
It’s brainwashing, routine. It’s learning a new skill.
Your mind will do what you train it to do. It will physically reorganise itself into something stupider.
It’s called “use-dependant organisation”

“I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided I’ll give it a miss” – Frank Murphy
“Fuck dying” – Ice Cube
At my funeral I want them to play “Uncle Remus’ by Frank Zappa, and some Mr. Bungle. Close it on Dead Goon.
I want them to play “time” by Tom Waits.


poor little rat(3) bashes away on her levers to get some sweetened condensed milk goodness. She has 9:45 minutes:seconds
My rat(3) is figuring out that she can clean up the VI60 reinforcers by just checking every now and then… smart little fucker. Still seems to think the payout on VI20 is effort related, though. Dumb little fucker. It must suck being a rat for a living. I hope I get a job making the world a better place for people, not a worse place for rats.

There is a model of speech perception, and indeed consciousness itself, called TRACE, wherein “the most activated neural network will send inhibitory signals to its competitors”
There you go – a biological basis for totalitarianism

Bonus tracks:
Sometimes I forget that endless nameless is even there… I’m just trucking along, doing whatever it was I was doing before with the music playing real loud, only it’s gone dead quiet. It’s been dead quiet for nearly 10 minutes, and I didn’t notice. And then the next thing you know…

Paranoia. Paranoia doesn’t reduce.
(This paragraph has been heavily redacted, still makes the same point though).

Teddy bears:
The cost of teddy bear repairs is prohibitive. These bears are not for children… Teddy’s stitches will leave scars. Not fine enough. No health plan. The cotton is the wrong colour, the joints won’t articulate properly.

High school:
All the things I wish I’d said. All the things I wish I’d learned.
Things I wish I’d learned?
What might make the world a better place is if people didn’t leave school with a list of things they wished they’d learned.

Sensing Murder:
The numerologist who keeps having break-downs. Now, if you're going to pursue talking to the dead for a living, you might need to harden up a little. Go find some people who died nicely to talk to and calm the fuck down. It's like a person who is oversensitive to animal cruelty insisting on being a butcher at the abattoir. “*sobbing* Oh my god, they all died so horribly... what happened here? Jesus they cut them into little pieces... Stop filming me for a minute...”

Rock Ballads:

Sequels. I’m looking at you, Unforgiven II

Freezing works:
Desensitised? Don’t make me laugh. And then something about about cows. Zap, thud, slit throat, hooves off then head, hanging from the roof by ankles, skin comes off then guts tumble out into the offal chute… Mince pie for lunch.

Vampires are retarded.

Coming Next Update: What’s Wrong With YOU?