Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Silence Reflects

most of our building sought out the ground floor pub
a nice juxtaposition to the crowds in squares, concourses, pavillions and churches that beam down on us from above
on invisible waves of special edition coverage
in inner-city auckland the denotation of silence has been widened to include trucks reversing and the chattering of the EFT-POS terminal in the cafe across the street
but the off-key beeping and whirring serves to punctuate, rather than mar, the fleeting moments
silence reflects from the shoes and ties and half filled glasses,
from the wide screen tvs
silence resounds from the exposed beams and mortar and masonry that we still believe in
silence resides in the space between the notes of the kaikaranga who calls us all back from our solipsistic reverie
and invites us to re-enter the world of light and love and life
and sound