Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kinexium Shave Oil

Kinexium Shave Oil. The blue one.

1 – First impression

Small. Portable.

With *silicon* technology - which is awesome because it will make my boobs bigger, and my computer faster.

2 – Ease of use

Point and shoot. And rub. I can do that. Usually in the reverse order.

3 – Current Shave Prep you use
I'm a bit zuhanden in my shave prep - I'm partial to a squirt of conditioner when I can get it but I'd settle for a bar of soap applied directly to the bristly chin. I've been a bit spoiled for the last few months with a "years supply" of some other brand of proper aerosol shave cream - which is all very well but made me feel terrible about the ozone layer, landfill for the giant empty cans, and so on.

4 – Better/worse than your current Shave Prep
Vastly superior. Didn't gunk up my razor either. Left my skin feeling moist. Also gave my hands that baby-oil beading that they've been missing since I was, well, a baby. Doesn't give you a big wadge of lather to navigate through either.

Here's a before shot - I was going for a decent 36 hour kind of stubble, the *worst* for shaving.

And here's the after: smooth, like bad peanut butter.

5 – What would you expect to pay for each product
Based on the ~100 shaves on the packaging, I probably would have guessed about $10 a bottle. (Checks intertubes). $9. I reckon $9. To be fair I was comfortable using about twice the amount on the directions. Still a bargain.

6 – would you use again
Why yes. Yes I would.

Plus any other comments
Keep up the good work.

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Andrew Potter said...

Impressive stuff, I'm off to buy your reviewed King of Shaves item immediately.