Tuesday, April 17, 2012

365 Haiku Challenge - The First Three Months(ish)

Our world turns to light / not taking it for granted / another sunrise 

Shop online today / delivery tomorrow / pantry eaten bare 

Fire volunteers / still on holiday this week / stalking continues 

Cry all the way up / bush hike to windy clifftop / laugh all the way down 
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I like how I look / as reflected in your eyes / when you are happy 

running post short break / playing with my new hill trails / no worse for wear now 

Terrible choices / does it want weetbix or toast / last drop of honey 

Rainy day bush walk / Felix' new trick: shake trees / Laugh as Dad gets soaked 

Basking in the sun / icy orange cordial / BBQ cranking   #fuckyeah

Eyes wide in the dark / having finished a good book / like post coital daze 

koru lounge challenge / dry year in an open bar / like the coffee but 

Roadkill has seasons / there's possums in the autumn / there's farm cats in spring   #tomwaits

Take the morning train / work from 9 to 5 and then / fly home on a plane 

Chicken chilling out / buttermilk and chili paste / soon to be baking 

running with weights helped - improvement not reflected - by stopwatch alone 

Share photos on twitter with Twitpicsorting m&ms / to decorate birthday cake / dad helps by eating

Salt and vinegar / kettle fries and onion dip / umami craving 

home made bread yeast smell / mouth waters at memory / of pizza and beer 

baking potatoes / never fails to conjure up / mitch hedberg, fondly   http://bit.ly/dxE21c

New haiku each day / surface tension of mundane / suspends the profound 

rainy day #running / but everything is OK / at least there is wind 

Each blink nullifies / solipsism inverted / existence crisis #artwiculate 

my little big kids / in regression therapy / rescue pets theme song 

tweeted great haiku / missing from morning's timeline / it was all a dream 

On the morning flight / full of important people / briefcase, suit, tie, wings 

SH-21 / from bowel via armpit / straight to the airport 

Alien signals / penetrate hats of tin foil / when above the clouds 

Ponderous silent / discombobulated clock / awaits pendulum 

family artist / sculpts and draws cranium clay / long after game ends 

our autodidact / improvises on the uke / TV stays mute 

Dog on the Tarmac / panting to shake loading cart / anticipation 

Full day of training / throat is sore from overuse / might have talked too much 

Season's first earthquake / rattles coffee cups and walls / wind on wind-less day 

Kids at the skate park / boards knees concrete elbows bikes / mornington flashbacks 

fly dive screech protect / relax little seabird dudes / i won't eat your eggs 

rocky coastal path / unforgiving misplaced foots / next time wear trail shoes #running 

Taupo's secret paths / Under Ruapehu's nose / To Taranaki 

RT @ectropy Snakes are tetrapods / Watermelons are berries / Wikipedia  #borrowed

Take the morning train / work from seven to seven / that wasn't the deal 

Kid in the cockpit / like back in the good old days / reclaimed innocence   #saytimmydoyoulikemoviesaboutgladiators?

Run half marathon / dry cleaning shop mow lawns blog / hungry wiener kids 

Don't want to pack suit / but don't want to forget it / creases are prudent 

In Coopers home town / food and drink all on work tab / silly sober pact 

Morning airport cab / slipping out of a city / before it wakes up 

Scabs come off old wounds / an echo of outrage, but / scar tissue is numb 

Koru lounge bosom / hides fragile business people / from airport rigors 

Warrant of fitness / hanging sword of damocles / one month overdue 

Monday rolls around / tie up all last week's loose ends / Tuesday rolls around 

there is no path here / save what the sea leaves for you / bitch is capricious   #coastalterrainrunning

It's like Letterman / but up to date monologue / what is happening??!?   (really it is letterman)

Logic dilemma: / none of my hashtags catch on / except for this one   #noneofmyhashtagscatchon

1 point win still win / but doesn't help my tip score / bigger margins please 

One haiku per day / is sometimes one too many / sometimes there are two 

Miracle of flight / work travel mundanity / duty free shopping! 

after lunch before dinner / koru lounge snack food limbo / and no barista! #commutehell 

raw salmon grilled eel / lots of trippy dream fuel / full tummy to bed 

Sweet dreams pretty one / i miss you I would @ you / don't want to wake you   #timezones x

it is still today / done enough for mallowpuff / jet lag trips me out 

On the downhill run / a short flight through stormy skies / home, and home again 

Stormy Saturday / Wellington wind waxes / Passive Aggressive 

Post run cool down fail / sun, polyprops, double socks / fever : needs cowbell   #running

Darkness approaches / youths surrender the skate park / night drops in boneless 

Fuck where they come from / Fuck train replacement busses / Fuck where they're going. 

Day off tomorrow / don't want to take one (#running) / zombies might catch up   #zombiesrun

casual labour / they make you expendable / then they expend you   #portsofauckland

gap between breaks shrinks / at regular intervals / sugar and caffeine   #writing

Work to a stand still / stand still for a few hours / pick up where left off 

Get dressed in the dark / discover pants are not clean / on airport shuttle #commutehell 

Pukerua Bay / gala day drenched in sunshine / summer vibes and tunes 

I am not counting / but i don't think i'm meeting / my haiku quota 

reductionism / is wrong - cannot account for / paranoia   #armchairneurophilosopher

Stormy day fantail / without checking my Brailsford / says "Get Back To Work" 

Fell asleep on plane / dreamt they handed out lollies / old school scramble style   #actuallysleptthroughlollyhandoutbit

Make legs run all day / shouldn't be surprised when they / get revenge all night 

We just wouldn't know / what we need or where to get / sans advertising 

Sticky note prayers / scraped out of cracks in a wall / bad mortar mojo 

Fall asleep typing / put away all devices / wide awake in dark 

Bullets connect us / permeate time, space, flesh, bone / indiscriminate 

I'm an atheist / but sky city's new machines / will come straight from hell  

Microwave beeping / minutes of life ticking by / and bread: defrosted 

Pukerua Bay / Postcode: P-Town, Wellington / Climate: Kapiti 

Parcel delivered / delayed gratification / unassembled bikes 

nightly lucid dreams / break out the old dream journal / never dream again 

Nespresso Cafe / Lorax adorns city bus / juxtapositions   Share photos on twitter with Twitpic #ironytrifecta

Unexplored garden / secret raspberries emerge / yard work incentive 

Run for ten miles / for same endorphin rush as / one fall from skateboard   #running

Stock is on the stove / maybe I just roast chicken / so I can make soup 

curating haiku / sorting the wheat from the chaff / keeping everything 

riding up and down / the crests of your sleeping breaths / surfing in a dream 

it must have kicked ass / when it was a new idea / telemarketing

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