Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Large format, glossy.

Article only 1/4 of left page, picture of author, title is [authors name ON a topic].
Of which they presumably have some expertise.
Facing page is a full page ad.
But an ad.
And repeat.
Until the articles run out, not enough names to opine on a topic.
And then the ads fill the space.
Or the art that looks like ads.  Or the ads that look like art.

I guess I am the guy who threw a Birkenstock.

What do you pay to read a magazine like that?  To read ads and single paragraph waffle...
It is more than half ad, and a quarter empty space.
So it is mostly not there are all.

What about the trees?

The girl reading is also an ad.
I don't know the labels but her clothes are... expensive.
Her carry on bag is the size of a suitcase.

When forced to part with it (because, exit row) she produces from within it a handbag the size of a modest carry on.
All leather and buckles.
The flight attendant gives up, deep breath, allows this matrioska bag to slide under the seat in front (because, exit row).