Friday, August 15, 2014

Unsolicited book review - dirty politics

I just finished Dirty Politics.
It hurts and angers but it really has to be read. Hold your nose and take a slug of your preferred analgesic and get it over with.
The politics is, spoiler alert, unsurprisingly dirty. The abuse of power depressingly likewise. The collusion and ineffectiveness of the "proper" media... Sad.
I think the most uplifting takeaway aspect is the black and white documentation that slater and farrar and their ilk are just fucking shills. Of course they have an agenda, plainly and unashamedly stated, but I mean actual mercenary ghost written shills - as one of my friends states: whoring out their byline and blog to big tobacco, big alcohol, big dairy: fucking disgraceful. I hope THAT is where the fallout hits - their credibility and their influence over other people and organizations. The pollies will hopefully get their serve from the electorate. The thuggish blogger hacks we have to hope get commercially burned.
(Full disclosure this is copypasta and edited up from my comments on someone else's thread)
(And I'm not in the pocket of Big Hager)