Sunday, December 7, 2014

Garden walk with professional gardener becomes overwhelming todo list

Escalonia - cut hard back

Leucadendron - it's poked, take it out

Medicinal katakana, weedy though 

Lophomyrtys  native, but poked, take it out

Lemon citradorsa, cut hard back 

Korokia cut hard back


Kowhai - looks dead: cut anything off that's not green if scraped

Not sure: bay?

Cherry seedling, take out

Chinese lantern

Yellow lantern: kill it

Dwarf kowhai - get the grass out

Roses: prune hard back - like this (demonstrates) Cut back to almost all gone, Except the big tall one

Passion fruit

Black nightshade

Port wine magnolia

Chinese gooseberry


Big-ass false acacia inside big rose: get it out

Various pointless bird drop seedlings - take them out

Feijoa: may need saving or throwing out

Genistima needs a trim up

In the pipes: flax, and self sown pohutukawa

Viburnum trim up or leave


Pepper tree:cut off the straggly bits



Grasses in the raspberries: take out

Canadian fleabane take out


Pittosporum hebe lancewood: take out some, too many too close

These grasses are past it

Lemon tree: get the other rubbish out and/or transplant

Kill all the self sown pittos and cherries

Cut hebe back by the gas bottles

This hybrid is three different flaxes! Take out the green part

Coprosma cut back (done)


Breath of heaven colonema 
Smells awesome, but get the grass out

Very Busy lizzy

Polygala sweet pea bush : kill the big one

Little korikua under the other one: transplant

Lawson's Cyprus take out, grows huuuuge

Cut escalonia that is coming thru fence by libernium

Ornamental bamboo looks good
Fairy bamboo

Cherry to kill by lamp post

That's just a dead thing

Cut the hydrangeas back off the path when the flowers are done this season

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