Monday, January 19, 2015


I have always been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I was just reflecting on what that even means to me when today I had to double-google-check who was even in Superbowl contention this morning (hint: not the Steelers) and I didn't have any feels about whether they were in or out.
What do I mean when I say I *like* the Pittsburgh Steelers?
There are a lot of things I don't like about football.
I don't like the commercialism, the corporatism, the racism, the sexism.
The spousal abusism. The rapism.
I never played. I'm not from Pittsburgh, or even Pennsylvania.
I don't watch any of the games. The last games I tried to watch I have only lasted 1-2 quarters.
I don't know who is on the team, besides a couple of the bigger names, or barely remembered stars from my childhood. And even the names that I do know now - I don't like a lot of things about them and there aren't a lot of things about them I do like.  I don't know who is coming up, who is going out.
What the fuck do I even mean I *like* the Pittsburgh Steelers?
The Pittsburgh Steelers are my grandfather's team.
When I say I like the Pittsburgh Steelers I really mean I love my Grandad.
When I bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers I really mean I miss my Grandad.
When I say the Pittsburgh Steelers are better than some other team I really mean I wish I was still in touch with my Grandad.
When I hang a Steelers pennant or put on a Steelers jersey I really mean I want a hug from my Grandad.
Go Steelers!